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Custom Decks

finished custom house deck

When it is time to redo your deck or build a brand new one, you don’t want just any regular deck. You want a beautiful custom deck created by Roseville Deck Pros specifically with your desires in mine. We know what a valuable asset your outdoor living space can be and we want to help you take it to the next level. When you choose Roseville Deck Pros, you are choosing quality, experience and pride. Our designers and builders will work along side you to create the deck that you have been dreaming of. Make sure that you ask about the custom options that we have available for your area.

Our Designers

When you think of a deck designer you may not know what to expect. Our designers have been working with contractors and construction companies and know how to communicate your needs to a crew of builders in a way that will get them all on the same page. Our designers can also identify designs and styles that might attract you based on what they have gathered from meeting with you and asking questions about your design preferences. They are trained to help you incorporate both your interior design and also help you create and outdoor design that is cohesive with your current design or that aligns with the direction that you would like to go in.

Our Builders

The builders that we hire all come from landscaping backgrounds. This is important to us and works out great for our clients because it means that they have experience in working with and around decks. Some of our builders are also skilled carpenters that have worked as contractors and have experience doing custom work and collaborating with designers. When you call Roseville Deck Pros, you truly are getting the deck pros from around the area. You can ask any of our builders about the strenuous hiring and testing process that each of them has to go through in order to get hired on to our team.

Custom Options

When it comes to creating custom decks, you have a ton of options at your disposal. You get to choose everything from they type of wood, the height, if there are multiple levels, the color and type of finish, and so much more. Our designers can help show you what options are available to you, but if you have ideas about what you want, share them so that we can find a way to make your dreams come true.

Your Deck Dreams

Our builders and designers will work closely with you to make sure that your custom deck needs are met and exceeded. Making dreams come true what Roseville Deck Pros loves the most.