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Deck Building

backyard deck after finished building

There are several elements that go into building a great custom deck that is unique and stable. When Roseville Deck Pros goes to work for your custom deck, you are working with a team of professionals who have seen different styles of building and many different design scenarios. Some of which have passed and others have failed. The point is that our builder has the expert experience that can set your deck apart in durability and strength by taking a few key elements and really nailing down their techniques.


Notched stairs are great when working with interiors. They are nailed to wall studs that can be hidden by carpet or other coverings when the house is completed. With deck stairs, this notched design can lead to weak and wobbly stairs that are not very stable at all. We can easily strengthen your deck stairs by adding skirts to the risers. This seems like a simple and even silly solution; however, it can be very effective at creating a stable and attractive staircase for your deck.


Using the seaming method to build strong and effective joints is a great way to save on materials without compromising stability. Each seam is kind of like a sandwich that is comprised of vertical decking and joists. This has many advantages. This method is faster than traditional seaming and can cut down on fastener splits. The vertical board is just for looks and really makes everything look polished and put together. This method is also great for solid composite decking.

Room Below Doors

Sometimes the smallest details can make all the difference. It is the tiniest details that can turn a regular deck into a professional and well thought out deck that meets needs that you might not have even known that you had. One of these tiny details is to leave a little space between the deck and the doors leading out to it. There are a lot of reasons why this is a good design element. Tracks on sliding doors become full of debris. This debris can be pushed into the house every time the door is opened if you are not careful. Water can also slip underneath the threshold and will begin to rot out either under the house or under the deck. Neither of which would be a convenience.

Corner Decking

When it comes to corner decking, a professional may be tempted to use a miter, but a great deck pro will know to avoid them. Miters will tend to open up unevenly and a good-looking miter will turn into a flexed pile of useless wood in no time. Our pros use butt joints whenever possible for this very reason.