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Deck & Porch Repair

construction worker doing deck repair

Decks can last a very long time, however after a decade or two it is more common than not for the wood to start decaying. This process of decay is natural but it can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. The last thing that you may want to do is to have to replace your entire deck, and with proper maintenance and repair you may not have to. In come cases that may be the best option and we will give you our professional opinion on what we think the best option for your specific deck problem may be.


The difference in price between replacing decking compared to rebuilding an entire deck from the ground up can be quite significant based on the wood and technicality of the design that you choose. Major repairs work out best when the deck is still relatively young. Repairing an older deck can be risky and it is usually for the best to start over completely if you are working on an older deck.

Determining Stability

When deciding whether or not to repair or replace a deck, there are certain key elements that a deck pro will look for to determine the stability of the structure. The points of connected between the deck and the house are the first stability point that will be checked. Next, a deck pro will examine the stairs and the guard railing. He whole point is to decided whether or not the deck is failing or if is at serious risk for a major collapse. When this evidence is gathered, our pros will then discuss with you, the homeowner, about the conclusions that we have drawn and what we believe to be your best options for the future of your deck.

Comparing Deck and Frame

Sometimes the deck and the frame can be in different conditions. This can happen based on a number of factors including where erosion is more likely, the kind of maintenance that has been done to the deck since it was built and whether or not parts of the deck or frame have been previously repaired. If a new deck is going to outlive the current frame, then we suggest that you replace both so that both the deck and the frame can age together. Reframing does come with additional costs, but if your deck collapses you will have to spend a hefty amount of money anyway to replace the entire structure.

Ideal Repair Scenario

To have a successful repair without having to rebuild the entire deck, it is best if the deck falls into the ideal repair scenario. This scenario involves a steady and sturdy frame that is accompanied by a weak deck.