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Deck Removal

beautiful deck looking out to the sea

Having to completely remove a deck is not news that any homeowner wants to hear. Sometimes it is the best option when it comes to the safety of your family. A homeowner may take some time to come around to the idea. Many will try to do whatever they can to repair or replace as much of the deck as they can before they can finally come to the conclusion that their deck is a lost cause.

Reasons to Demolish

There are a lot of good reasons that a homeowner may decide to demolish a deck. Sometimes a deck is demolished in order to improve its overall appearance with fresh new boards and more modern materials and techniques. A deck might be demolished so that design features can be added that will increase the accessibility to the deck or the safety of the deck. Other times, you may decide that you are done with the deck and want to design something new in its place like a patio, a pool or a shed.

Our Qualified Professionals

Any successful deck removal is going to require careful planning. Demolishing a deck is a full-on demolition project and will come with its own set of problems. It is in the best interests of homeowners to leave this kind of dangerous work to the professionals who have experience in this type of project. A professional can plan for any potentially dangerous situations and will know how to react in case a dangerous situation is created. In some cases, there are some materials that can be salvaged and in this case your demo project will turn into more of a deconstruction. In this way, the deck is pulled apart essentially backwards from the way that it was built in order to save some of its materials.


Cities and counties will not usually have regulations in place regarding the removal of a deck. There are times when regulations may stand, like in the case that the deck is a part of s historical property or neighborhood. In most cases if any permits are necessary for the job, your contractor should have the permits already in order to carry out the job. Roseville Deck Pros will take the time to ensure that no permits are needed for your project. If there are any that are needed, we will do what we can to obtain them before deck removal day.


There are several factors that go into determining the price of a deck removal project. The size and complexity if the deck, how easy it is to access, your location, the contractor that you choose to hire and even the amount of salvageable materials that you have will all go into determining the final cost.